Steel farm buildings

Steel farm buildings – construction for years

If you consider constructing a new farm building, a steel construction is a good option. Properly designed and installed farm buildings of such a type are of a high resistance to severe weather conditions and a full functionality for many years. Steel is contemporarily a tried and tested building material, relevant to a demanding customer.

The application of steel constructions at your farm

There are numerous examples of using steel farm buildings: livestock buildings, such as cattle sheds, cotes, pigfarms; agricultural products depots, such as icehouses, walk-in freezers; fruit and vegetables sorting plants; agricultural machinery garages and more. Steel farm buildings are used by our clients mostly for storing up the agricultural products. These constructions effectively protect agricultural machinery from severe weather conditions as well.


Due to many years of experience, we understand specific expectations of farmers connected with animal husbandry or storing particular agricultural products. It is worth highlighting that these criteria significantly influence the project from the very beginning, as they condition the targets of the building project and additional facilities.


In case of constructions intended for use as cattle sheds, stables, cotes, pigfarms and other farm buildings, the key factor is the animal welfare, as it determines the size of the building, as well as the ventilation, heating and lighting system. What is more, the requirements of water holes and feed dispensers have an impact on the steel farm building construction as well.

The experience worth trusting

Steel farm buildings, as well as other steel constructions, are our speciality. Our company is experienced in designing and installing constructions and producing particular elements. Due to this, we are aware of what needs special attention. We support our customers in every stage of the investment, including legal procedures. We offer our help in obtaining all permissions and preparing grant applications.


Due to many years of activity in the field of steel constructions, modern technologies and rich expertise, Stal Tech offers the service of the highest quality in producing steel farm buildings. It is not the localization of the investment that is the most important to us – it is our customer and their needs.


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