Steel constructions

Steel constructions – modern buildings for every customer and every business!

Stal Tech is a steel constructions manufacturer with rich experience. We offer only reliable solutions to our customers. There are no impossible nor complicated tasks for our specialists – designers, engineers, assemblers and other members of our good and cooperative team. We offer a comprehensive service to the investors interested in cooperation with us, starting from a well-considered and complete project, the production and installation of the construction to the commissioning of the constructed and finished steel hall.

The advantages of steel constructions

It seems that steel constructions are the type of buildings which may only bring the attention of the entrepreneurs. However, their popularity in other branches of the economy, including farmers, is rising. This technology seems to be prospective due to a number of advantages, e.g.:

short construction time,
the independence of the production, installation and cladding processes from the weather conditions – it is possible in winter as well,
big span of the hall with low number of supports,
light and resistant construction,
the possibility of future extension and modernisation of the hall, as well as introducing the technological changes in the functioning of the hall,
steel halls are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and their exploitation is inexpensive.

All the steel constructions designed, produced and installed by our company have the CE mark.

Cladding and finishing of the hall provided by Stal Tech

The cladding of our steel halls is made with the use of sandwich panels (if the heat insulation protection is needed) or trapezoidal sheets (which protects from the influence of weather conditions). The steel constructions offered by us may have additional facilities, including: launders and gutter pipes, windows, door, gates, skylights and smoke dampers.


Moreover, we conduct the construction in a comprehensive way, starting from the initial procedures to the commissioning of the ready building. The works connected with the comprehensive realisation of the investment include groundworks, laying foundations, flooring and installations finishing.


Regardless of the branch represented by our customer, we offer the customisation of the steel halls, their dimensions and fitting to the individual needs and expectations of the customer.

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