Stal Tech – the steel halls manufacturer

The steel halls manufacturer of Łążek Ordynacki

Stal Tech is a company manufacturing steel halls, having its office in Łążek Ordynacki – a village located in the commune of Janów Lubelski, close to a border between the Lubelskie and Podkarpackie voivodeships. The company was established at the turn of the 1990s. Initially, the production of the parts of construction machines was the main branch of the company. Later on, the other lines of work connected with steel structures were commanded successfully.

Experience in the first place!

Providing various services in the branch of steel constructions enabled us to develop our staff and to choose relevant production technique. Due to many years of activity in the market and on the basis of the most modern technology and great expertise, Stal Tech offers the services of the best quality in the field of steel constructions design and manufacturing.

Branches of the company’s activity

The activity of our company may be divided into two main branches:

designing branch;
installation and production.


The scope of the designing branch includes the full service of an investment in the procedural and designing field. Due to the diligence of our company, our experienced designers attempt to meet the needs of our customers by the individual projects. Our company has also a base of typical, replicable projects.


The other branch of our activity is the production of steel constructions and all the installation and construction works in the process of building a steel construction. All of the technological facilities and the construction machinery fleet in Łążek Ordynacki is at our disposal. The whole production process is performed at our plant.

Our offer

Stal Tech offers full service for their customers, starting from the design to the finishing of the constructed hall. Our offer includes the following services:

design work – our company provides full procedural and legal service in obtaining construction permit,
steel construction production,
steel construction installation,
groundworks – foundation, ground beams, floors, drives, brick-built division walls,
full cladding with sandwich panel with guttering, gates and skylights (the purchase of sandwich panel is possible as well),
 full roofing with trapezoidal sheet.


Stal Tech invites the customers to choose their services. The offer includes the sale and installation of sandwich panel, as well as the design and construction of the steel structures for various purposes. We encourage to check out our offer.


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