Warehouses – both for the farmer and the entrepreneur!

If your business or farm develops dynamically and you need a warehouse immediately, we have got a solution for you. Our warehouses are an example of steel construction which works out both in business and agriculture.

Warehouses – for whom? Some advice from an experienced producer

Stal Tech has a rich experience in steel warehouses construction for various business types and the other branches of the economy.


The constructions designed and installed by us may be used with various purposes. Producers use steel warehouses to store up the produced goods, wholesalers store there their assortment for sale. Further, shipping companies and parcels services need functional halls to store particular products temporarily. Moreover, almost everything may be stored in steel warehouses, starting from agricultural products, raw materials and manufacturing products to machines and electronic devices.

Safety is important

Being an experienced steel constructions manufacturer, Stal Tech tries to provide the functionality and protection of their halls against the severe weather conditions. At the stages of designing and production we focus on an efficient protection of the products stored in particular halls. In case of warehouses, functionality is important as well, which facilitates the circulation of goods, especially to the entrepreneurs working in the field of trade. Thus, it contributes to a more efficient work.

Key factors in constructing warehouses

The key factors considered by us in designing and installation of steel warehouses are space, circulation, access and throughput. During the process of designing, we discuss the needs of the customer and their business.


Our projects take account of an effective area development, a proper height and breadth of the hall, an optimal usage of usable area, the possibilities of the construction extension in future, an individual choice of storage type depending on the type of product and preventions of fire risks congruent with the relevant regulations and preferences.


If warehouses are a type of construction you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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