Steel sheds

Steel sheds – not only for agriculture!

Although steel sheds are commonly referred to as “agricultural sheds”, they may be used in almost every branch of business. In fact, there are multiple ways of using them, which depend on the character of the customer’s business. Most commonly their projects and installation are chosen by the farmers. The examples of such constructions are presented in our gallery.

Modern constructions for agricultural sector

Most of farmers currently choose to build steel livestock buildings. This advanced technology proves to be an excellent choice in agricultural sector.


Our customers praise their considerably greater possibilities of adapting the buildings to their needs in comparison to traditional brick constructions. Further, steel sheds are less complex, cheaper and their installation is easier. Moreover, they may be adopted to any changes in farming and the needs arising from them.

The application of steel sheds

The steel sheds designed, produced and installed by our company may have various intended use, depending on the branch of business represented by the customer. Farmers use steel sheds mostly as agricultural products depots or shelters for agricultural machinery. Thus, the benefits of using steel shed seem to be worth noticing.

Why our company?

Apart from these advantages, our customers emphasise that the price and the constructing time are no less important. Stal Tech offers affordable prices and fast investment completion, along with high quality. What is more, the increase of popularity of such a construction is caused not only by fast installation process, but also the possibilities of extension and possible dismantlement. This facilitates the adaptation of the building to the market requirements, as well as to the needs of a business. It is important to emphasise that all our constructions have the CE mark.

Choose the investment for long years!

The design and installation of the steel shed, taking into account all regulations and technical requirements, guarantees its full functionality in long years.


If you are interested in particular constructions, please check other products from our offer.

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