Icehouses – the best place for storing food products

Icehouse is an exceptional type of steel construction, whose purpose is storing fruit and vegetables or other food products. It is an area or a whole building dedicated to store products demanding low temperatures, lower than ambient temperature, to be preserved.

The necessary facilities

Icehouses, including the ones of steel construction, consist of engine room with refrigerating unit or units and isolated cold storage room. Contemporarily, numerous materials are used in isolation of cold storage room, including the ones of plastic, e.g. polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam or sandwich panels.

What do we use in construction of icehouse?

What are the materials used by Stal Tech in the construction of icehouse, especially in isolating cold storage rooms? Our icehouses use the system of sandwich panels with a core made of polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam of PUR-PIR type. Sandwich panels are the invention of the modern technology and our company, as the manufacturer of steel constructions, cannot visualise our work, as they provide reliable protection of thermal insulation. Our icehouses are easy and efficient installation and dismantlement, if needed. It is worth highlighting that such a non-complicated minimises the costs and working time, what is an important factor to numerous of our customers.


Moreover, the icehouses constructed by Stal Tech not only are characterised by an excellent thermal insulation, but also by high quality and aesthetic values. Furthermore, similarly to other steel constructions offered by our company, there are possibilities of extension and relocation of the icehouse.

The temperature is important!

In case of storing fruit and vegetables, the temperature is important. The intensity of vital processes in these products is influenced mostly by the temperature – in higher temperatures, fruit and vegetables respire more intensely and ripen more quickly. A relevant low temperature retard their vital processes. In design and construction of icehouses or other steel farm buildings, we provide our constructions with sustaining constant temperature, as its fluxion has a harmful influence on fruit and vegetables.


If your products do not need storage in low temperatures, we offer warehouses as well.

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